5 Fun Christmas Party Games for You and Your Christmas Bubble!

Who needs some fun? You don’t? Oh yes you do. Christmas will soon be here, and hopefully, some of us will get to mix for Christmas time fun and quality family time.

It got us thinking though, what sort of games can you play at Christmas that the whole family will enjoy?

Here are our thoughts but of course, if you know of some great family festive games, let us know by emailing info@leightonsestateagency.co.uk, and we will share them on our social media.

1. Hunt the Candy Canes

This will get your children moving about. Grab some candy cane treats and hide them around the house. Then, send the children to find them, making sure they have collected all of them before they can start munching!

Let’s be honest, you’ll need a sit down so as the children are looking for candy canes, have a rest with a little glass of something festive!

2. Snowballs

White marshmallows make great snowballs. And what do snowballs make? Snowball fights! Now we’re not talking about launching them at each other, but you could either see who can toss the most into a cup or bucket. Whoever collects the most gets to eat them! YUM. Make sure your hands are super clean for this one!

3. Gloves On

This is a staple favourite in many households and is COVID friendly! All you need is a pair of oven gloves or mitts, and some things to pick up. You then take it in turns to try to pick up objects like a tennis ball, sweets or a pencil. You’ll be all fingers and thumbs as it’s trickier than it looks. While it is fun, avoid any tears and tantrums by making sure there is something that little ones will be able to pick up.

3. Would you Rather?

This is dead simple. If you have children, chances are they will ask you the “would you rather” question. For example, would you rather eat a fried worm, or stand on an upturned piece of Lego? You can turn this into a game. Get an empty jar and some paper. Cut the paper up into squares big enough to write on and ask everyone to write something – as horrible as you wish! Pop the folded pieces of paper into the jar. You then take it in turns to pull out two pieces each. The question is “would you rather…”, and then you have to choose between the answers. Keep it clean and be careful with what is written if you have young children!

5. Draw the Christmas Song/Christmas Movie

Cut up some paper and write on each one the name of a different Christmas Song or festive film. Divide into teams of two. One teammate picks out a piece of paper and then has to draw what is on the paper– their teammates have to guess. You can play this game as individuals too by taking it in turn to draw for the whole group.

Christmas is a time for fun and family, particularly this year. Making it even more fun is vital for children, but games don’t have to break the bank.

From all of us a Leightons, we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. Make sure you all have that extra glass of wine, those left over pigs in blankets and another handful of chocolates, we deserve it this year! All the best and we’ll see you in 2021.

Thanks for reading


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