Hopefully the end is in sight!

Next week will be interesting….

It looks as though we are seeing our first tentative steps towards restrictions being lifted and whilst reading the news, with my coffee this morning, new dad Boris Johnson is due to reveal details next week of how lockdown will be eased.

It looks as though we could see some kids back at schools and some business re-open in the not too distant future and it certainly looks now like estate agencies will be one of those businesses, as I suggested on the Stay Positive Facebook post a few weeks back. Since I wrote that post estate agents on Guernsey have been allowed to return to work, which is hopefully a sign of things to come.

Huge need for estate agencies to get back to work

As I said the other week, there is a lot of money sat there in unpaid stamp duty that the government will certainly want and just this morning I read that this outbreak has resulted in the loss of between £3.5 billion and £4.4 billion in additional stamp duty as very few new sales have been agreed. The multiplier effect I mentioned has been much-quoted of late too as house moves lend themselves to a lot of other industries. All of this has built up some real momentum.

It is certainly the brightest it has looked for those looking to buy or sell and with all that in mind I think that now really is the time to start the ball rolling if you are looking to move.

Busy, busy, busy

As I’ve said throughout lockdown, things are happening. 50+ viewings to arrange now, 8 houses to go up for sale and sales have been provisionally agreed on the back of our hugely popular video tours. Just yesterday I edited and re-listed all them with some graphics and text. Let me know what you think. Click here

People will always want to move, but from here on I believe the process will be very different.


We haven’t taken this outbreak lightly. Since lockdown we have changed A LOT of our procedures to make sure you and your families and us and our families are kept safe and well.

Tweaks have been made across the whole of our operations including the way we carry out appointments and viewings, take instructions to sell a property, ask people to complete paperwork, how we market our properties, how we use property portals, take offers, agree sales, progress sales, what we do on exchange of contracts and what we do regarding the hand-over of keys. Pretty much every element of what we do has been looked at and tweaked to meet current demands and new expectations. I am confident that with these changes we will keep everyone as safe as possible and I believe that these new procedures will take weeks off the amount of time between a sale being agreed and handing over the keys. I’ve also no doubt that we can find a buyer for a property even quicker than we are now, which is currently 4-5 weeks faster than our competitors according to www.getagent.co.uk

What next? Get things in order!

If you are looking to market your property in the coming months then now is the time to get things in order.

Not just that gate hinge which needs fixing, or the front door that could do with a fresh lick of paint (both very important jobs to do as they give a positive first impression) but also look to make a file that has everything you’ll need if you are moving. From both a legal point of view that will help your solicitors but also from a helpful point of view for your buyer. I’m only a phone call or email away if you need some help with this.

Get in touch

To find out more about what we are going to be doing differently or to slowly start the ball rolling give me a call on 01535 666031 or on my mobile 07757 088460. You can also email me: michael@leightonsestateagency.co.uk

Thanks for reading.


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